Puppy Housetraining


Make sure to place the potty pad “Pupwhiz”, patterned side-up, in an area that is easily accessible to your puppy and try not to change the location of the pad while your pet is learning.

Familiarize the puppy to his pad, allowing your pet to stay on it & smell it.

Bring the puppy to the "Pupwhiz" pad 5 minutes earlier when you think they may need to go! Remember: while your puppy is playing you should plan to make frequent trips to the pad…

As soon as your puppy urinates on the pad, reward your pooch!! Time for treats and enthusiastic cuddles and let your pet know their a "Pupwhiz" star!!!

If your puppy or dog does not urinate  on the training pad, or has an accident in the house, keep trying, repetition is your key to success. In time your pet will be successful!